12/2023 - Present
Guidepoint, New Your, NY
Sr. Engineering Manager

The Unified communications organization includes 3 teams:

  • Meeting Experience
  • Email Service
  • SMS/Chat

The objective is to create a communication platform that enables advisors and clients to set preferences for channels to be used for specific message types, allow reformatting of messages to fit the channel, and to ensure the highest delivery rate possible.

05/2020 - 12/2023
AWS, Seattle, WA
Software Development Manager

The EC2 Provisioning team includes Network Provisioning, Server Provisioning and Data & Tools teams. I've managed all three teams working with ingestion of new racks, providing IP addresses to new hardware as well as handling hardware replacements on a very large network of hosts in 27 regions and over 100 data centers world wide. These teams are responsible for workflows and automation for scaling of data centers and decommissioning of hardware at end of life.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Deployed new DHCP service and enabled it for all new EC@ servers
  • Implemented support for handling DHCP for redundant switch

01/2019 - 04/2020
AWS, Seattle, WA
Software Development Manager

Leading the EC2 Chronos Team within EC2 Core Platform. The team is responsible for rolling out Time Sync (GPS synchronized clocks) world wide. The service is important for high volume transactions on distributed systems, live migration and other features in AWS.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Increased accuracy of the Time Sync service to less than 1 ms
  • Deployed the service to all AWS regions and availability zones

01/2017 - 01/2019
2 Years
Amazon.com, Seattle, WA
Software Development Manager

Leading the Data Engineering Team within the Data Insights Group. The team uses data from multiple HR systems to provide datasets and dashboards to a broad analyst community as well as non technical users. The data focuses on workforce planning and diversity metrics and goals.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Deprecate the legacy reporting platform used by recruiting, finance and other teams to get insights into more than one million employees and tens of millions of applicants.
  • Created new data warehouse ETLs to integrate date from 40+ HR systems.
  • Drove the development of security and filtering features in the AWS QuickSight product.

04/2007 – 01/2017
9 years 6 month
Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Lake Forest, CA
Engineering Manager, Software Applications
Direct 2 distinct teams of Web developers (18 staff) building software for crew functionality and content management systems for in-flight entertainment and communication systems (IFEC). Establish precise project plans to ensure all critical-path/project milestones are completed on schedule, establish and manage client expectations and resolve conflicts.

Key Accomplishments:
  • Collaborated with customers and various departments to define the best entertainment and communication platform for the airline industry; efforts resulted in plans to implement a global communications suite (GCS) enabling Internet, cell phone and TV services to be used on aircraft.
  • Designed and developed crew management interfaces for a wide range of system platforms and configurations, all based on a generic Web-based platform.
  • Developed a platform that can be used to build new applications for content and configuration management, including media management, shopping, hospitality, surveys, content publishing and configuration modules specific to the operation of the IFEC/GCS equipment.
  • Selected and coached team/product leads as “go to” resources for team members in quickly resolving issues and overcoming development challenges.

12/2006 – 04/2007
5 months
Fidelity National Financial, Santa Ana, CA
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Lead PHP developer on project to design and implement high-traffic internal Websites with a mix of data gathering and reporting tools supporting 45,000 users.

Key Accomplishments:
  • Built new data structure and reporting system, allowing IT Directors to view security vulnerabilities on their individual networks.
  • Successful project completion led to a second project to build a new database and Website to manage legal documents.

08/2002 – 12/2006
4 years 4 months
intelleFLEET, LLC, Irvine, CA
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Pivotal technical and leadership resource to startup with 4 employees. Instrumental in development, installation, integration, go-live, testing and residual support and management of software and systems.

Key Accomplishments:
  • Provided valuable feedback to sensor manufacturer that led to improvements in both the hardware and software.
  • Created a base station to collect data on utilization of industrial lead acid batteries in different industries for critical analysis and reporting.
  • Optimized the use and charge patterns, providing operators with fresh batteries at the beginning of each shift, reducing downtime and increasing the life of the batteries.
  • Developed infrastructure, servers and software to make data visible from any Web browser, allowing fleet of batteries (trucks) to be monitored from anywhere.
  • As the sole developer, asked to take part in sales calls, exhibitions, installations and troubleshooting.

07/2000 – 05/2002
1 year 10 months
FrontBase/Origenius, Inc., Foothill Ranch, CA/Lincoln, NE
Senior Software Engineer/Development Head
FrontBase: Designed, developed and implemented Web-based cross-platform database drivers for customers such as Apple, DataBright and SiteScape (now owned by Novell).

Key Accomplishment:
  • Requested by customer to develop a Tcl driver for FrontBase; had initial version running in less than 2 weeks, with final version deployed on servers 4 weeks later.

Origenius: Identified customers/employees for professional services startup comprised of some of the leading PHP developers; investors backed out during dotcom crash.

Key Accomplishment:
  • Guided CFO and CEO in building company strategy, business plan and IT direction for Web hosting and software development consulting services.

07/1997 – 06/2000
2 years 11 months
Swwwing, Denmark
CTO and Vice President of Development
For growing Internet business, led team of developers to build and market an enterprise level information and communication platform developed with Web technologies.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Redesigned solution from a single platform to an integrated suite of applications.
  • Implemented strategies that lowered development time and increased product quality yet reduced staff by one-third.
  • Seamlessly installed IT infrastructure, including network, file, database and Web servers, on different platforms and client computers.
  • Partnered with sales team to close large accounts.
  • Product was sold to 300+ customers in 5 countries; average installation: 800 users.

Prior Experience
1986 – 1997
Director of R&D, SystemForum A/S, Denmark
QA/QC Manager, Mark Information A/S, Denmark
CEO & IT Manager, Procom Frank S:A:R:L, France
Research Engineer & IT Manager, Procom Antennas A/S, Denmark